Patient Review by Martin C

Many may not know that Dr. Marcus is a respected leader in the field of laser surgery and a noted teacher and mentor to dental professionals throughout the country. Here's an inexpert review of his work: Dr. Marcus treated me for periodontitis, a condition resulting from the loss of gum and bone tissue due to those nasty gum pockets which start out as gingivitis, but grow so deep that daily maintenance and regular dental cleanings cannot reverse. Ultimately, loss of bone tissue can lead to loss of teeth. Using the latest laser technology available to dentistry, Dr. Marcus cleared embedded bacteria and re-established the growth of new gum and bone tissue. He also performed invasive gum surgery to correct an unreachable infected root appendage that normal root canal procedures cannot access. So Dr. Marcus is achieving success in the treatment of periodontal disorders that were beyond yesterday's periodontal reach. And he is among a small group of laser surgeons with advanced training and equipment to make it happen. This is an industry expert supported by a friendly, efficient professional staff who is applying serious know-how to periodontal challenges right here in Yardley, PA. Check it out.

- Martin C

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