Bucks County Mini-Residency Program

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patients and it is through continuing education that we can stay on top of the latest developments. We provide a variety of educational opportunities for our referring offices through the Bucks County Mini-Residency Program. The primary emphasis of the study group is to provide the best in continuing education in Implant and Periodontal Dentistry. The Mini-Residency Program has been a forum for the introduction of state-of-the-art techniques and important updates on current methods.

The Mini-Residency Program is an accredited continuing education program for dental professionals including dentists, dental hygienists, assistants, administrative staff, and laboratory technicians. It was founded and is directed by Dr. Edward Marcus. The Mini-Residency Program is a study group consisting of a select group of outstanding dentists and dental specialists who join together in the pursuit of higher learning. Their goal is to keep their professional community in the forefront of dental technology while assuring their patients the most up-to-date treatment available.

In addition to education, the program focuses on building relationships with our members and their offices. These relationships improve treatment coordination between offices to make the patient education and treatment process the most effective.

The program generally consists of six sessions, beginning in October and concluding in May.

2016-2017 Program

In this our 25th year, the program kicks off with our own Dr. Nipul K. Tanna presenting, “Pre-Orthodontic Periodontal Considerations”. This presentation is critical understanding for all dentists, especially any practitioner who performs any orthodontic procedures as pre-orthodontic hard and soft tissue treatment planning is becoming the legal standard of care.  Whether utilizing Invisalign or conventional orthodontic protocol, clinicians need to have a thorough understanding of the consequences of tooth repositioning on the periodontium to avoid periodontal complications.  The annual doctor-hygienist-staff meeting will be combined into one all day meeting this year as the subject requires more time than provided in an evening program and is an important subject for the entire office.  Dr. Thomas P. Sollecito, Professor and Chairman of Oral Medicine at Penn,will present “An Update in Oral Medicine”. Tom is highly respected in the dental community and will provide an excellent needed refresher and update for us.  Bring your oral medicine questions/management issues to the meeting for Tom to answer.  

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2016-2017 MiniResidency Program